The Komarča

There are no big fishing companies in Croatia but the investments and the costs involved can be high for the shipowners. Yet, it could be a very important income for whom works in this market. The crew, usually made by seasonal workers are attracted by the good salary. But not all of theme manage to handle the difficulties of the job. The Komarča is one of those ships that every afternoon set sail to the open sea. The captain and his crew will spend all night out to fish sardine. Everything is quiet during night but doesn’t last for long. At 4 am the crew is ready. The two tenders disengage from the Komarča and start their manoeuvres to encircle the school of fish. The captain gives orders to the crew shouting and gesticulating frenetically. Everything seems to be out of control. Dawn brings the first light of the day and with that, seagulls and dolphins siege the net that imprison the fish. Everyone fights for the loot.

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