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I always love to experiment with different genres of photography. Latest commercial work displayed at the R+T STUTTGART MESSE for CARDIN ELETTRONICA Spa.

These pictures are part of the 2015 Cardin Elettronica’s calendar.

Following the concept of the work:

Calender 2015

Cardin Visions

Every object occupies a certain portion of the space that accommodates it. When the object and host space are in harmony, coexistence is guaranteed throughout time. This is the underlying concept behind this work. A union that has reached the ideal merging point in the reciprocal equivalence of its elements, colours and form. So it is that each Cardin product finds its own place, blending into the most diverse of realities, from time to time imaginative, and drawing on that very vision that is the focal point of creation and future innovation.

Matteo Cardin – Photographer

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